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Other web resources


If you're an ex-SSL, SSC or CFPS employee, there's an awful lot more information, including events, photos and contact details for many ex-SSL staff, available at Seis News, the excellent website run by the SSL Employees Association. Why not register (it's free) and find out where all your old mates disappeared to, or perhaps even join the old fogies on one of their regular pub lunches?

For employees of other seismic companies, the Doodlebuggers Reunited site seems to be the place to congregate.

There's a fascinating online museum of seismic prospecting at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists'  website.


For lovers of Birdwagen vibrators, nip over to IVI's website.


If Ardco buggies turn you on, look no further. Here's one bravely negotiating  a puddle.