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Brunei 1979 - Party 059

This was the shortest tour I ever did with SSL - only about a month, from November 1979 to just after Christmas the same year. I was transferred there as Assistant Computer after doing an induction course in Holwood after my tour in Oman. You can see my assignment letter here. I think it was one of SSL's first SN348 crews, and Graham Davison was there helping sort it out. I know they were worried about how the boxes and instruments would cope with the heat - they were all painted white and there was some sort of aircon in the recording tent.

It was the first time I'd ever been to the tropics, and it was quite a shock. Living in a house, using ordinary cars, and working in 'real' offices. The crew was working for Shell, so we had access to the Panaga Club, with its bar, curry lunches and sailing club. It was all a bit of a shock, especially as I only saw the field operation once! Most of my time was spent coding program cards for the on-site Phoenix and changing tapes. A far cry from the desert.

I mostly remember Brunei for the week or so over New Year I spent in Singapore with Alan Gowers, before I transferred to Abu Dhabi. Anyone who remembers Alan will know what I mean...suffice it to say it was usually beer for breakfast...

Unfortunately I only have a few rather dull photos, although I'm sure there are more hiding somewhere.  Phil Smart's  website has many pics  of about the same vintage.


The crew

Martin Price - Party chief

Bob Rudd - Admin

Tony Cheshire - Observer

Howard Richardson - Observer

Alan Gowers - Mechanic

Roy Sporne - Driller

Bryan Marsh - Surveyor

Ken Humphrey - Computer

Dave Jones - Birddog